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Business Financing

Seeking financing?

Our team will run an in-depth financial performance analysis and build a company valuation. We analyze the business model and evaluate competitive positioning and differentiating factors. Whether the goal is to add new product/service lines, increase market share, or achieve economies of scale, we set the appropriate development strategy and capital structure (debt/equity). To help you raise capital our team elaborates information memorandum using optimized arguments and present your business to investors and/or lenders. 

Business and financial analysis

Development Goals: new product line, increase market share, economies of scale

Debt /Equity funding strategy

Investor /bank presentation

Fund raising

Aiming to increase working capital?

Your revenue streams could be multiplied by increasing working capital capacity. Through our multiple short term financing sources we will ensure working capital financing.  

Past performance analysis

Cash flow optimization plan

Financial projections

Identification of financing source

Ensure short term financing

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