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What we do

Partnering for growth

Xpand Now combines strategic planning, venture structuring, and financial advisory to deliver added value by partnering with you in developing your roadmap for growth, expanding your business locally and internationally or finding the best opportunities for your investments.. 

Our Services:

Benefiting from a large network in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States, Xpand Now is strategically positioned to work on optimal solutions that will take your business or investment to the next level, through franchising, branching-out or establishing ventures in different markets.

Our flexibility, prompt response, and personalized approach allow us to build trusted client relationships and accompany your growth at every step of the way.

Practice Areas
  • Agriculture,

  • Art,

  • Education,

  • Financial Services,

  • Healthcare,

  • Hospitality and Tourism,

  • Information and Communication Technology,

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing (agro-food, building materials, glass, etc), 

  • ​Publishing,

  • Real Estate and Property Management,

  • Renewable Energy,

  • Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods,

  • Trading (import/export),

  • Transportation (airport, aviation services, car rentals)

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