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Business SCAMs and how to prevent them.

There is a whole variety of SCAMs business owners are subject to. In my previous articles I shared some SCAMs concerning business registrations, the same applies to very officially looking letters about “Labor Compliance”.

For a good list of SCAMS per state, check the following article:

In addition to emails and letters, you will most certainly be scammed by phone. A company pretending to be COMCAST business called me many times to tell me that my bill was not paid completely (although I have automatic payment). They wanted me to call back with a case number and leave my credit card information. Sure enough it was a SCAM. This is just one example of all the SCAM phone calls you can receive.

Some ways to prevent being scammed,

  • For Websites, Check the domain name. Government websites always end with .gov.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau

  • For letters research online the address it is coming from.

  • Check the reviews, chances are you are not the only one being scammed.

  • Never trust emails! Never click on a link.

  • Check your account online if coming from a bank, utility provider, credit card…

  • Call the institution the email, letter or phone call is supposedly coming from. Don’t rely on the phone number on the correspondence!

  • Always beware of calls from unknown numbers. There are very talented con-artist out there. Never trust a caller, never give your personal information, credit card number or social security number to someone that called you.

  • Report SCAMS to help other business owners.

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