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New phone SCAM: "Free Radio Interview"

Yesterday I wrote the article about phone SCAMS for businesses and today I received a phone call. Since it was an unknown number, I told them the owner of the business cannot take the call. The person said that this was "Empire Radio" and that they wanted to do an 8 minute free interview with the owner.

I googled the number and sure enough it was a SCAM, this is what I found:

Did you get a call from 6312575599?

""Empire Radio" scam. They try to get you to do an interview (free, they say, as if anyone legitimate would ever pay to be interviewed) and then hook you for longer spots. They begin the call with "this is not a sales call" which is the quickest way to identify a sales call I've ever heard. Best not to take the bait.

Never believe anything from an unknown number and never give them any info.

Always research the number online before pursuing anything!!!

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